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HILL 2001


          Here's where we're pitching our tents for the three days.

 Sheraton National Hotel

900 S. Orme Street, Arlington, VA U.S.A. 22202    

To make reservations you can call 1-800-468-9090

          Or call the hotel directly at 1-703-521-1900

     Travel Note    

    If you are flying to D.C. to attend the gathering, book with an airline that flies into Ronald
    Reagan Nat'l Airport it is much closer to the hotel than Dulles is.    

A.O (D.C. Area)

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The organizers of this gathering are in no way affiliated with the series Tour of Duty. Fees rendered and money raised are intended for administrative purposes and charitable donations. "Hill 2001" graphic is copyright 2001 Margaret Macaulay. Do not use this image without persmission.